Friday, July 30, 2010

The End of The Most Memorable Experience...

Today has been a hard day....from the moment I woke up I was a bit weapy thinking about saying good-bye to some of the most amazing people I could ever meet. I had to fight back tears all day...our last day at clinic went really smoothly, praise the Lord! But then we(4 nurses) came back and debriefed with the chaplain and his wife which was really great and encouraging. And then got ready for our helicopter ride to the other compound, since that is closer to the airport. The Pilot was gracious enough to let me ride up front with him and he even took my picture!! It was an amazing experience! But when we lifted off, my heart just crumbled because so much of my heart has been left in Haiti...there have been life-changing experiences that have not only bonded a team of people together but hopefully in some way brought glory to the Lord.

It's really late and I need to get up at 5 to head to the airport, so I will write more tomorrow. Pray for safe travel for me and other team members...even some of the long term staff are leaving tomorrow too to head back to their homes and new adventures in life. I can't explain enough how thankful I am for peoples prayers...its been one of the hardest journeys I have been on but the most amazing as well!

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