Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So sad...

Hello everyone!

Today was a good day but a hard day...both teams were combined and we saw well over 100 people. And we were under a tent in the heat and I thought I was drinking enough and trying to eat snacks but I started feeling blah...just "spacey" and unable to think clearly. So I am guzzling more gatorade right now and hoping it was just the heat. Pray that there were be no lasting effects.

We had an amzing new translator today named Marc-Elie...he loves the Lord and has desperately needed work and had applied for a translator position with SP but hadn't heard back. So he just showed up this morning hoping to be able to help. And praise the Lord we needed him and he will hopefully continue with us. He is the youngest of 6 children and he remembers walking outside when the earthquake happened but he was not injured. Unfortunately only his mother was at home and she was crushed and he had to be the one to pull her out of the rubble. : ( And we also had the opportunity to pray with a witch doctor that came to see us. Pray for him.

And unfortunately it looks like my lovely computer has died once again...not really sure why since the hard drive was just replaced a few months ago. But its not turning on at all. Thankfully I brought a jump drive and have saved all my pics on there. So right now I won't be posting anything else on my blog unless it starts working. : ( I just wanted to let everyone know. I am so bummed and so sad.

Thank you all for praying and please keep praying. I may be working in pharmacy the rest of the time since one of the other nurses is leaving, so there is A LOT to know and remember and then you have to teach the patients through the translator how to take their meds. It gets VERY chaotic at times so pray that I would be able to think clearly and remember everything I need to know.

And thank you my beloved roomies for the encouraging cards...such a source of comfort and encouragement! Love you all!

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